During the GOP Primary Party Debates, the candidates spew most of their animosity toward the assumed Democratic Nominee, Secretary Hillary R. Clinton.  They seem to fear facing her in the General Election due to the breadth of her high-level Washington experience.

When the Republicans do mention her current adversary, Senator Bernie Sanders
(I-VT), it is mostly as an afterthought. And when they do, it always includes the spurious term “Socialist”, which is maybe intended to mislead the audience by associating Sanders with government social programs in Denmark and Sweden.  Apparently, the American “Right” doesn’t seem to understand, or choose to acknowledge, what Socialism actually is. Accepting truth, perhaps, just doesn’t appear to fit into their line of reasoning.

Socialism is an economic concept, which suggests that certain resources should be owned by a society collectively, and managed by the government for the common good.  As such, Socialism lies in between Capitalism, which entails private ownership of property, and Communism, where all resources are owned collectively.  Nothing more!

In America today, Socialism exists all around us.  Consider the following examples:

1. If you travel by mass transit, or drive on our highways, that is a form of socialism.  The properties are owned and operated by the local, state or federal governments, for the greater good of society.

2. When your children or grandchildren attend public schools or state universities, they are funded by public taxes and managed for the common good.  A more educated labor force and, to a certain extent, higher property values may follow.

3. A purchase of any form of insurance—life, auto, homeowners or health care—is to participate in a public pooling of premiums, from which the insurance companies pay the claims of those participants who incurred losses.

4. Social Security is another socialistic program, into which all workers pay and, when they retire, will receive monthly benefits.  In essence, each generation of workers contributes to the payments of the prior generation.

I could go on and on; but, I would just like to mention two more forms of socialism which, I believe, are near and dear to the (assumed) hearts of the GOP candidates.  Armies are generally funded by public taxes, and used to send young men and women into battle, on behalf of the nation.  Additionally, the multitude of PACs and Super PACs (Political Action Committees), which pool private contributions–generally from the wealthy–to fund the politically-biased goals of particular segments of society are socialistic, as well.

Socialism is not political ideology; rather, it is economic and social reality!



  1. #1 by Russell on March 6, 2016 - 1:20 AM

    Largely due to Sen. Joe McCarthy. To him and his ilk–Republicans–socialism was communism-lite.

    • #2 by cheekos on March 6, 2016 - 2:55 AM

      I understand your point; but, for anyone today–some 60 years later–not to break from that outrageous script, merely points-out either the idiocy of anyone voting for them, or the obvious lying to voters. Perhaps that’s why the GOP has been trying to dumb-down America, and obstruct the votes of anyone who is not a “True (read blind) Believer”.

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