I had not intended to write any blog posts about the GOP Primary Candidates, at least not until the field had been narrowed down to, perhaps, two or three.  With Donald J. Trump, however, I have made an exception; because, he seems to demonstrate a darker, more insidious tendency than was first assumed.

Trump is a self-proclaimed fabulous, super-wealthy, accomplished real estate mogul, give or take a few bankruptcies along the way.  Those failures, however, seem to be the only part of his personal life that he doesn’t blabber on and on about.  In fact, Trump is the only 69 year old, that I’m aware of, who still flaunts his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School (of Business), which he earned way back in 1968.

German periodical Der Spiegel’s linked article “America’s Agitator: Donald Trump Is the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” provides an excellent explanation of the considerable mistrust that many Europeans have for Trump.  The British Parliament even debated whether to bar him from entry into the U.K; however, their Freedom of Speech provisions did not allow for that barrier.

Europe has its share of fringe political players—on both the right and the left—but, even so, they view Trump even more suspiciously.  Spiegel, in fact, points out that: “Race-baiting has been part of every authoritarian movement to date”.  That article, which goes on to suggest his fascist tendencies, is linked as follows:

Michael D’Antonio was granted several audiences with The Great One in preparation to write a biography about Trump.  The interviews were held in Trump’s penthouse, according to the author, in Trump Tower: “behind the kinds of double doors that would normally be used in castles”.  And, although Trump claimed to be an avid reader, D’Antonio said that he did not see one book—other than those written by or for Trump.

He said Trump talked for what seemed like an eternity about nothing except himself:  his greatness; his extreme wealth; his business accomplishments; etc.  D’Antonio says that: ”It’s a miracle Trump didn’t invent the selfie.”

When it comes to the the 2016 U.S. General Election, however, I firmly believe that the three key issues that will draw primary consideration will be:  the Economy; Health Care and National Security.  Let’s bypass the Economy for a moment, since one might assume that Trump actually knows something abut budgets and taxes, and (let’s) focus on Health Care and National Security.

During the prior GOP debates, Trump either did not, or could not address any substantive issues.  His responses were merely to guarantee superlative responses to each and every problem, once he’s President—and that is, regardless of whether he seemed to even understand the various questions that he was asked during the Debates.  Just trust him?

For Health Care, he’ll repeal and replace Obamacare with “something else”.  But with what, and what will it cost?  And, he didn’t seem prepared, or even curious, about how our various nuclear weapons systems can be delivered.  Remember that Trump had previously vowed to “bomb the shit out of Iran”.  Could any American, or our allies for that matter, really trust a President Donald J. Trump to take the right course of action?

Trump’s economic solutions are just as bombastic, ill-conceived and made without any consideration for political or diplomatic reality.  He intends to: renegotiate all of the trade agreements; lower taxes; save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; reduce the National Debt; and he has many other other “bright” ideas.  Keep in mind that comprehensive programs will only be rolled-out, once Trump’s elected President.

The Tax Policy Center, a bipartisan Washington think tank, had previously posted that: “(Trump’s) plan would reduce federal revenues by $9.5 trillion over its first decade before accounting for added interest costs or considering macroeconomic feedback effects.  The plan would improve incentives to work, save, and invest.  However, unless it is accompanied by very large spending cuts, it could increase the national debt by nearly 80 percent of gross domestic product by 2036, offsetting some or all of the incentive effects of the tax cuts.”  (In 2014, the U.S. GDP was $17.42 trillion.)

Donald Trump reorganized his Father’s real estate empire, some years ago, into Trump Organization, LLC, a closely-held corporation, based in New York City.  As Chairman and President, he doesn’t have a Board of Directors or Shareholders to answer to.  So, in that capacity, Donald J. Trump has complete control over every segment of his business empire.  In other words, he’s used to always getting his own way!

Trump hasn’t focused on the realities of sitting in the Oval Office:  Congress can greatly reduce the size of vitally needed proposals, such as President Obama’s Stimulus Plan in early 2009; the House voted unsuccessfully 63 times to repeal the President’s signature legislation, Obamacare; and the Senate has failed to confirm numerous qualified jurists to reduce the shortage of higher court vacancies?  And what about partnering with other nations on such matters as:  Climate Change, ISIS and National Security?  Will that work?

Does Trump intend to personally negotiate deals with: Chinese President Xi Jinping on the contemptuous island-building along vital shipping routes in the South China Sea; and with Russian President Vladimir Putin, explaining why he should leave Ukraine and to stay out of the Balkans?  And, will he convince Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to disband his country’s nuclear program and stop financing terrorism?

In fact, Donald Trump’s ability to work with our closest Allies is seriously in doubt.  The Spiegel article suggested that a President Trump: “…would make the America of George W. Bush seem like a land of logic and reason in retrospect.”  And, that’s really saying something!


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