Last Monday, a group of the Republican Party’s “Establishment” Wing met for dinner in Washington.  The main topic, reportedly asked many times throughout the dinner, was:  what do we do about Donald Trump, who has consistently led in the 2016 GOP Presidential polls?  He blabbers nonsense, and he offends all of the demographics that “Mitt” Romney failed to attract in 2012.  So what does the party do if Trump comes into next year’s GOP Convention—and with the largest number of delegates?  Floor fight?

It is important to consider why Trump still appeals to the Conservative Wing of the GOP—the ones that actually turn out to vote in the Primaries.  Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again!”, is essentially what the Republican Leadership has allowed its party to become in recent years.  One could easily inter-change Trump’s slogan for the GOP Leadership’s subliminal message:  “Make America White (and Male) Again!”  So, for all practical purposes, nothing has really changed—either pre- or post-Trump!

Just after the 2012 Election, the Republican Leadership held an introspection conference and recognized that its base was a vanishing one:  mostly white, working class rural and and suburban males, along with the wealthy.  At the same time, it has been losing the attention of:  women; the elderly; minorities of all colors; the LGBT Alliance; younger voters and women.  The GOP seemed to be aware of this problem prior to the last Election as it tried to paint over it at the 2012 Convention.  In Tampa, they seemed to have seated as many women, blacks and latinos on the stage as possible, or even gave them cameo speaking roles.  But, it was much too little, and way too contrived.  A sham!

Donald Trump is no more an outlier than any of the GOP loyalists.  The dysfunctional actions of the party seem to be working toward opposite ends.  For instance, they:  attack a Woman’s Right to Choose while slashing funding for Medicaid to provide adequate health care for poor women and their children; refuse to allow most of the Dodd-Frank components that are designed to prevent another Financial Melt-down, like in 2008; and they voted across-the-board “sequestration” budget cuts while harassing President Obama for the Defense Department’s cuts in military manpower.  So, what gives?

The GOP is currently confronting its own Monster which it has created by its own pandering to specific elements of its own party.  And theirs is no less grotesque than the mythical one that Mary Shelley wrote about in her 1818 novel.  But, will the GOP survive the current Monster that it has allowed itself to become?


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