We do not have any young children ourselves, say around ten years old, and our grandson, Henry, is only two and a half.  So, we do not have to consider this aspect of terrorism too seriously.  Obviously, this is surely like the “Birds and the Bees”, but on steroids.  The linked column, by Dana Milbank in the Washington Post, however, does reveal another person’s coming to grips with the problem, and he lives in the Washington, D. C. Area, which might be considered to be a potential target.  The link is as follows: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/how-to-talk-to-your-child-about-the-islamic-state/2015/11/19/9d0a852e-8f01-11e5-acff-673ae92ddd2b_story.html.

Several points that Mr. Milbank makes are as follows:  talking with your son or daughter might also calm your own fears; be careful in deciding whether or not to suggest that violent people are everywhere; don’t avoid their questions, and be honest with them.  If you avoid addressing their concerns, they might just build their fears up in their minds until they grow even worse then they actually are.  Perhaps emotional harm could arise.

If your child is in that pre-teen or early teen age range, someone does need to calm their fears, otherwise, they and their friends will blow everything completely out of proportion.  Speak to the Principal and Guidance Counselor at their school for guidance.  Talk to other parents.  Perhaps the school could have a meeting for parents, and invite a child psychologist, either from the school system or the local area, which might provide some help in explaining everything in proper proportion.  Personally, I believe that the proper soothing dialogue would work best if the “answers”, as such, come from one, or both, parents.

NOTE:  If you come across any good ideas in discussing this subject with your child(ren), please past them on as Comments.  I’m sure that other readers might benefit from your input.



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  1. #1 by Marissa Huber on December 10, 2015 - 1:45 AM

    good advice and I’m glad that my parents always gave us a good blend of truth, without making us alarmed.

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