The people whose lives were taken from “us”, on Friday the 13th, were real people, enjoying life in what can only be said, in the city they loved.  Just think of all that has happened since then—truly another one of “those days”, when time stood virtually still.  Many of their family and friends—and even those of us who only knew them through short vignettes such as these—will always remember that day.  And, will our lives ever be the same?

I believe that time does heal; but, the memories will always linger on.  At first, we were shocked—and we still are!  How could anyone do something so horrific?  These were mostly young people doing what all civilized people do.  In fact, it is hard not to just celebrate life—in the Magic City.  But, as we surely know by now, whatever we love, wish for or celebrate, there can always be people out there who—in accordance with their own diabolical causes—would wish to destroy all that is good and beautiful.

But, the people who led these lives—from many parts of the world—will never laugh again, never embrace their loved ones, they will never dine or listen to music with friends…they will never walk this earth again. Just some of the faces of the people who lost their lives are shown in this Remembrance, from the NY Times:

Since that fateful Friday the 13th, French President Francois Hollande seems to be off on a Mission.  The questions as to how the Civilized World will respond abound.  Will we cower in fear, stay locked within our homes, repel anyone that we do not know, and will re avoid public gatherings?  Surely, human nature is to become somewhat shy and reticent about our surrounding after such as these barbaric Attacks.   But, in time, life can and does goes on!

NOTE:  In my next blog post, I will discuss what I believe the Civilized World’s response might be.  Putting it all together, however, could make the Rubik’s cube seem simple.


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