Last Monday, Canadian voters sacked Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party, when they elected the Liberal Party to lead the country in the National Election.  Surprisingly, Prime Minister-Designate Justin Trudeau doesn’t need to form a Coalition Government since the Liberals won a majority of the seats in Parliament.

I had traded Emails with a friend in Ontario following the election and, although he seemed genuinely pleased with the results, he wrote that: “They voted for a Name.”  Justin Trudeau is the oldest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who led Canada during several periods from the late 1960s to the early 80s.  The elder Trudeau’s governments were generally successful–and popular.

The younger Trudeau, a former school teacher, who will turn 44 on Christmas, has only been in Parliament since 2008.  Aside from his youth and brief resume, Justin Trudeau exudes flamboyance, just like his father.  One journalist compares him to a rock star when he enters a room.  He is married to Sophie Gregoire, a TV host, and they have three children.  But governing will be a totally different experience for him.

Ms. Cassandra Fletcher, a 40ish “Mom” in British Columbia, perhaps said it best, in her letter to Justin Trudeau.  She included her suggested “To Do List” for the Prime Minister-Designate, but did want to advise him as follows: “I need you to know that even though I put my X next to your name, I did not vote for you. I voted against the alternative.”  Her letter is as follows: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156185495335154&set=a.10151631685485154.858960.883365153&type=3.  (Be sure to click on “Read More”, following the second paragraph of Ms. Fletcher’s letter, for the full text.)

Since Mr. Trudeau’s party won the election last week, he has re-affirmed a number of basic Liberal objectives.  Once he is sworn-in as P.M, on November 4, he will probably enjoy a short honeymoon period.  And then, the hard work of actually governing will begin.  So, the real question remains:  Can he deliver on his Party’s promises?

NOTE:  I doubt that Ms. Fletcher actually voted for or against Mr. Trudeau or Mr. Harper.  In a Parliamentary Election, since ballots only include candidates in their “riding” (district). Ms Fletcher lives in British Columbia, on the Pacific Coast; so, she couldn’t possibly vote for either Trudeau, in Montreal (far to the east) or Harper, in Calgary (in the adjacent Province of Alberta).

NOTE #2: Sorry to be repetitive for any of my Canadian readers.  Down south here (the Trudeau-Obama Line, eh?), we’re into our football season, the World Series is starting-up and the endless Trump show is going longer than War and Peace.  So, it will be quite nice to let America know that we may be hearing less and less about Keystone XL.  LET’S HOPE SO!



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