Surely, the whole world knows about the mental instability and cowardice of the White “Supremacist” who joined a prayer group at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina and, then, after sitting with them for an hour, he shot and killed nine of the congregants–after they welcomed him into their House. But. all is not lost in South Carolina, or elsewhere in the South…

After 150 years, much of the reasoning for the so-called “War Between the States” has been forgotten, even by Southerners.  The whole Slavery Issue, which I do not believe was the primary reason for the War, has been forgotten, only to be replaced by the resentment of mostly poor, ill-educated Whites who blame their black neighbors for their own insecurity and lack of purpose in life.

Recently, on a hot summer day, there were two demonstrations at the South Carolina Statehouse: the Black Educators for Justice group rallied, on the north-side (of course) of it, and the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi organization, on the south-side.  Although the two rallies were scheduled to be held several hours apart, given the controversial Flag Issue, invariably as expected, elements of both groups did meet.

The linked article from the NY Times, however, demonstrates the very positive outcome as a black State Trooper helped a white man, in a NSM T-shirt, with large Swastika, into the Statehouse.  In actuality, the Trooper is the Director of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, and the White “Supremacist” appeared to have been suffering from heat distress.  The law enforcement officer escorted the man into the air-conditioned State House merely to rest and recover.  It’s well worth a read!

The linked article demonstrates the old cliche, from Alexander Pope’s poem, “Essay on Man.”, that: “hope springs eternal”.  The Times article is linked, as follows:


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