Some time ago, my wife said that she wanted to become more involved with our finances–especially our investment portfolio. I was happy to hear that; however, I began to wonder how I could get her more involved when I don’t really make a lot of changes in our investment mix? Then, I also thought that there may be other people–both men and women–who might benefit from such basic information.

Accordingly, I am creating a separate Category on this blog that will provide such basic ideas as: what is a security (i.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds); what should a portfolio look like; how to handle risk; where to go for help; etc. My basic philosophy has always been to establish a portfolio that is diversified, balanced and contains securities that I can live with. Then, you just sit back, monitor it over time, and make changes only when necessary.

This boot camp is intended to be nothing more than a primer. The blog category will deal only with investment basics. Hopefully, over time, it will provide the confidence for you to pursue other sources of investment information, whether on this blog, major financial publications or media.

The various topics that you will find in this category are not in any particular order. In fact, there really isn’t an orderly succession of one topic to another. So, you might find it best for your needs to skip among the various posts–or just search for information on particular topics.



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