As part of the negotiations that led up to Britain’s hand-over of the former “Crown Colony” to Chinese Communist rule, there was an agreement that Hong Kong would be run under the premise of “One Country, Two Systems”.  Now, if you read “China Daily”, it asserts that the Island maintains a lot of autonomy.  While that had been agreed upon prior to the hand-over by U.K., the Chinese Central Committee is certainly trying to renege on the Agreement.

Rather than permit a general election for the people to choose Hong Kong’s leadership, beginning in 2017, Beijing would only permit residents to select from two or three candidates that would be offered by the Beijing-controlled Hong Kong government.  Only eight of the 70 member Legislative Council voted for that option.  Many of the rest walked out!

The Mainland had played that one, and only, option up as being the best chance that the Hong Kongers would have to vote for “democracy”.  But, I believe that anyone who truly believes that is really falling under the Communist spell.  In reality, allowing the Central Committee, in Beijing, to select the only possible options would be democracy in name only.  Rather, it would merely be letting the Mainland have one foot in the door.  And then, it would continue to squeeze itself all the way in.  Democracy be damned!  

By condemning that sleazy offering, Hong Kong is calling Mainland China out for what it truly is:  a nation that is not to be trusted.  The option to vote from among just several options, all pre-selected by the Mainland, has been compared by one Council member to “votes” in the old Soviet Union, during the Lenin Era, or to Mainland China today.  Also, as another delegate said:  “Let’s show the world that we are not fools”.  Well-done, Hong Kongers!


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