Once again, the Obama Administration demonstrated the value of quick, commando operations, carried-out by small well-trained units, as compared to large full-scale military operations.  Mission statements for large forces tend to be vague, meander from one direction to another and, as we have found in the past, label our military as invaders–and occupiers. Thus, we become recruitment aids for our adversaries.

Overnight a small commando raid, reportedly by the Delta Force, attempted to capture Abu Sayyef, an IS leader, and his wife, Umm Sayyef, in Eastern Syria.  Both Sayyef’s are thought to have been part of the IS leadership council.  Additionally, Mr. Sayyef was considered to be the mastermind behind IS’s sale of oil and gas–its main source of revenue–on the global black market.

The Delta Force commandoes carried-out the operation over night and, in the ensuing hand-to-hand combat, Abu Sayyef and a number of the Jihadists were killed, and Mrs. Sayyef was taken into custody.  No Americans were killed or injured. Besides Umm Sayyef, the commandoes also captured a substantial amount of potential intelligence information–documents and, perhaps, computers–which could prove invaluable in countering IS terrorism, going forward.

Now that the Obama Administration has pulled-off this successful raid, it will be interesting to see what the response will be from the Republican political opposition, which has castigated and obstructed literally everything that he has either suggested or accomplished.  The political ball is now in their court.  Oh what, oh what, will they say or do now?

NOTE:  The Special Operations Command, that orchestrated this mission, is a “unified command”, which includes members from all four of the U.S. Military Services.  To try to suggest (s some do) that one force is more elite than another, at least to me, defeats the purpose of teamwork and espirit de corp within the SOC.  The Delta Force, which grew out of the U.S. Special Forces during Vietnam, does not appear to be readily acknowledged by the Department of Defense.

Also, the media often mixes-up the terms “special operations” with “special forces”.  Army Special Forces may be included in various types of commando (or special operations) missions; however, they are generally intended for longer-term missions.  The basic “Green Beret” unit–the “A-Team”–is designed to become imbedded with partisan militias, within a target country, and to act as trainers and advisors.


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