In 2013, the State of Florida joined a number of other states when it established the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame.  I don’t know about similar Halls in other states; but, in Florida, a veteran can be recognized for accomplishments–both during and after their military service has been completed.  But, aren’t there separate Halls for such other such fields?

The co-mingling of military and, let’s say, political, academic or athletic credentials, seems to be overlooking the real reason for the Hall.  In fact. some southern states still fly the Confederate (States of America) Flag–or include some representation of it in their own State Flags.  That is merely a slap in the face to Blacks, and a subtle reminder of bigotry to other minority groups.

Many people believe that our Civil War (from 1861 to 1865) was primarily fought over Slavery.  Rather, it was really fought over the economic differences between the industrialized North and the more rural, agricultural South.  But, many in the South resent losing that war and, after 160 years, they are still taking it out primarily on the Blacks.

So, including a veteran in the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame merely because of their rank (Confederate or Union, Army or Navy)–which may not have been born-out by competence on the battlefield–or post-military activities is utterly absurd.  By doing so, the State of Florida is watering down the true reason for the Hall, and overlooking the actual men and women that it was intended to honor.


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