The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which is comprised of the top leaders of the Party, continues to rule, based on Socialist Ideology, priorities and preferences, rather than either the short or long-term needs of the Country–or its People.  But, as always, the PRC never seems to be focused on the what should be the Urgent National Goals. Instead, the Party Hierarchy merely demonstrates the fallacy in Socialism, and its entire Agenda.

Over the past couple of decades, the Chinese economy has grown–bypassing first Germany, and then Japan, to become the world’s second-largest.  And, some have even suggested that China has even surpassed America, or might do so quite soon.  That exuberance, however, should be tempered by two considerations:  much of the economic growth within China has been due to its (currently) 1.36 Billion Population; and its Industrial Base is mostly skewed to low-end, labor-intensive production jobs.

An almost comical case-in-point is the proclamation, several years ago, by the Beijing Capital Ethics Development Office, which said that:  “…the revealing clothing of some models–including a deep V-neck top and a skimpy diamond-studded dress at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has a ‘negative social impact’.”  Two questions come to mind:  how do the chinese People produce all of those Little Children; and what does the PRC think is one of the first attractions that encourages many Young Budding Engineers to consider the various technological fields? Beijing, are you for real?

China is certainly not the only nation to have a multitude of problems; however, most address, at least, some of the really important ones that really do need to be corrected.  And, the focus on the attractive models at the Beijing Car Show is certainly misdirected or, perhaps, even intended to distract from the real problems: corruption both in Beijing and regional governments; the lack of a universal education system; critically high pollution; extreme poverty for some 75% of the population; a lack of high-level technological capability; etc.  Are the Young Girls, acting as “eye candy”, really  more important?  Besides, they might help sell some cars!

The apparent lack of success in most Socialist Governments, which basically means centrally-managed ones by definition, is not particularly specific to the China.  Russia, for instance, continues to fail the guns-or-butter test: starving its people in order to feed its recently aggressive Military.  The Chavez/Maduro “Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” has mismanaged every corporation that it has nationalized, squandered its very substantial oil revenue, and now has the highest inflation in the world, and one of the most worthless currencies.  And North Korea, I can only say: it’ll always be North Korea!

NOTE: Readers may wish to visit a Post that I wrote last September, “Socialism can be good…but in moderation”.  It is linked as follows:


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