It seems that all that I see or read about today is: the brutal savagery; hunger and devastation; petty arguments and greed.  Many of the worst offenders claim that they are God-fearing and righteous.  But, I sense, that they are merely hiding behind False Gods.  There is none of the traditional Dogma that all decent people–whether religious or not–share:  Love of thy neighbor;  Do unto others…; Respect for all of Mankind;  etc.

That’s why the linked story, from the NY Times, is oh so very, very special–and yes, oh so beautiful.  It was written by Rena Silverman, and the photography is by Martin Lehmann.  The story is about Rose, a Little Girl who was born with half a heart, in Mr. Lehmann’s hometown of Copenhagen.  The story is beautifully presented by both Ms. Silverman and Mr. Lehman, and features Rose’s Parents, Birgitte and Jacob, and of course, Rose’s big sister, Lara.

As Mr. Lehmann states, he became more of a participant than a photographer, and be particularly sure to watch the slide show.  This article contains something that so much of what I read about or see on TV today is lacking:  Love; Compassion and Empathy.  These are people who truly do care about one another.  Centrally, it is a wonderful tribute to the Little Rose; however, it is also a testimonial; to the Family and the Photographer, for demonstrating just how wonderful people can really be.



  1. #1 by Marissa Huber on March 12, 2015 - 5:51 PM

    That was so heartbreakingly beautiful. I just cried my eyes out looking at the slideshow.

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