Charlie Hebdo is the satirical French weekly which, over the years, has lampooned Islam, Popes, Christianity, Judaism and many non-Religious groups and persons, as well.  Two terrorists entered the weekly’s offices last week, apparently to send a message to France–and perhaps to the World–by killing ten journalists and two police officers in its attack on Charlie.  Two days later, accomplices followed-up the prior attack by killing a police officer on the street, and then four Jews in a Kosher market, in Paris.

With their blood-soaked offices sealed by Police, the staff of Charlie Hebdo has vowed to continue on.  The attorney for the magazine told French radio that the staff: “…will cede nothing to extremists seeking to silence them”.  While Charlie Hebdo previously was lucky to sell even 50,000 copies per edition, for the first issue (on Wednesday) since the attack, it is printing 3 Million copies of the special “survivors edition”, in response to considerable worldwide interest.

The linked story, from Agence France-Presse, describes the resurrection of Charlie Hebdo as follows: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/mohammed-holds-je-suis-charlie-sign-in-new-charlie-hebdo/ar-AA85wHs?ocid=ansnewsafp11#image=2.  The front page of the new issue, with a representation of The Great Prophet with a tear, holding a sign stating “Je suis Charlie. Tout est pardonne” (I am Charlie. All is forgiven.) might further infuriate some Muslims.  But, for the surviving Charlie staff, as noted, they are not going to cede anything to anyone!  Perhaps that will be their closure.

Has Charlie Hebdo traditionally been in poor taste, disrespectful?  Perhaps.  But, the whole point here, and the apparent reason that 2.7 Million French and others joined the march on Sunday, was to declare their solidarity, not only with Charlie, but with the People of France.  And, in doing so, they joined in supporting the vey idea of Freedom of Screech…and the Press.  And, isn’t taste really in the mind and the eyes of the beholder?



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