Harper-Collins, one of the World’s largest publishing houses, which specializes in publishing Maps, has been caught with it’s proverbial “pants” down. “The Tablet”, a Catholic periodical, recently pointed-out that Harper had catered to “local preferences”, in publishing an Atlas that it developed specifically for schools in the Middle East  It omitted the State of Israel since it would have been “unacceptable” to include it.  Huh?

The publisher asserts that the Atlas was intended to provide students with “in-depth coverage of the region and its issues (and helps kids understand the) relationship between the social and physical environment, the Region’s challenges (and) its socio-economic development”  How so?

Once again, we see an example of Corporate Greed–bending the rules of professionalism–and common sense–in order to obtain the almighty Dollar.  A key problem in the Middle East, with all of its various sectarian and ethnic differences, is that the Next Generation is often taught to hate those who the older generation dislikes. But just think, if the children–on both sides–had the chance to learn about and, perhaps, even meet each other, maybe they would realize the absurdity in such traditions.

The linked story, from the Washington Post, describes this in more detail:  To paraphrase the old adage about a child leaning to eat different foods:  Meet them, maybe you will like them!



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