On Wednesday, a terrorist shot and killed a Canadian Soldier, who was standing guard at the National War Memorial–the country’s “Tomb of the Unknowns”.  It was the second time this week that someone, apparently with Jihadists leanings, killed a Canadian Soldier.  The previous incident, three days earlier, was someone running a car–with two Soldiers–off the road in Quebec Province, killing one.

Following the assassination, in Ottawa, the armed terrorist ran into Parliament, and began firing between 20 and 30 rounds, before the immediate situation was abruptly ended.  Kevin Vickers, Parliament’s 58 year-old Sergeant-at-Arms, seems to take his job quire seriously.  Each morning, Mr. Vickers routinely dons a centuries-old style outfit with sword, and carries a tall, gold scepter to open the day’s session of Parliament.  But, it looks like this gunman simply didn’t know who or what he was dealing with.

The recent convert to Islam, who had told his Mother that he wanted to travel to Syria, didn’t find a large Assembly of Members of Parliament.  Instead, as one M.P. phrased it, the terrorist must have been stupid to have entered the building when the Members where secluded in smaller caucus rooms.  Mr. Vickers, upon hearing a noisy disturbance and probable gunshots, grabbed a pistol and went to investigate.

And, that’s when Sergeant Vickers confronted the Islamist, reportedly only a few feet from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and he shot the terrorist dead.  Besides his ceremonial duties, Kevin Vickers is charged with overseeing “security on the grounds and safeguarding various officials”.  Previously, he spent 28 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police–the National police force.  Mr. Vickers brother, John, I must add, said that, as far as he knew, that was the first time that Vickers ever exchanged gunshots with anyone.  Unfortunately for the gunman, it looks like Kevin Vickers must have been truly taking his duties very seriously.

As yet, it is uncertain whether either of the two incidents in Canada reveal any connection with the Islamic State, or any other Jihadist Group.  However, there have been executions of two Americans and two Britons, which were shown on the Internet, the hacking of a British Soldier to death in May of last year in London, and the Islamist attempt to carry-out random beheadings last month, in Sydney, Australia, which was broken-up by Security Officers

Besides the fact that those killed in London and Canada were soldiers, the target audience might have really been the Citizens in Canada, America and their staunchest Allies–that is, if these various actions were, in fact, related–and to What?  So far, it’s hard to tell.  That’s why it is very important for the countries standing-up to the Jihadists in the Middle East, to maintain those same convictions to defeat all terrorist groups at home, as well.  And also to continue going about their daily lives.

That’s what our Friends and Neighbors to the North did this week, by carrying-out their Democratic Responsibilities.  When Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers performed his largely ceremonial duties today, the Members of Parliament gave him a rousing standing ovation, lasting three minutes, followed by a handshake and a hug by Mr. Harper.  Then, the Prime Minister hugged each of the Opposition Leaders.

Yes, to some, it may seem like Rah-Rah; but, you have to consider who the real target audience of that CBC broadcast was.  In this case, It was: Islamic State, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and all the other terrorist groups.  It surely demonstrated that all Canadians stand together–and many people around-the-World stand with them.  But on Wednesday, the Good Guy Won!

NOTE:  When Members of Parliament sang “O Canada!”, after they warmly greeted Kevin Vickers, there appeared to be some Members who represented various other religious and ethnic groups.  It is vitally important that when we speak (or write) of “Islamic” terrorists, we must remember that perhaps no religion is without its own history of violence.  Most Muslims are decent people, and should be treated as such.


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