The United Nations was formed, after World War II, to promote Democracy, World Peace and Human Rights.  The Security Council, composed of permanent members (any one of which has Veto powers) and rotating members, acts in a leadership role and is scheduled to elect new members.  Venezuela is currently being backed by many nations in South America and the Caribbean to be its rotating representative.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (as it was renamed by former President Hugo Chavez) cannot even manage itself; so, why should it have a leadership position in the U.N?  Venezuela has some of the largest oil reserves of any nation on Earth and, yet, through its mismanagement, it has become a net-importer.  It had nationalized the Oil Industry when it ousted the global oil corporations; thus, leading to bureaucratic mismanagement.  Also, it has been providing oil at fire sale prices to the other countries, pretty much as a bribe to gain their favor for political reasons.

The linked article, from the Miami Herald, was written by Diego Arria, a former Venezuelan Ambassador to the U.N. (pre-Chavez): http://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/op-ed/article2501847.html.  Mr. Arria points out that Venezuela has:  been keeping the Cuban economy afloat by its providing minimal-cost oil; has been supporting the terrorist group FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia); has had long relationships with the likes of Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad; and has enabled the growth of various offer terrorist groups, both in the Middle East and in the Western Hemisphere.  Furthermore, it is believed by many that Cuba has ruled Venezuela since the death of “El Presidente” Hugo Chavez.

Under Chavez (now deceased) and his hand-picked successor, Nicola Maduro, Democracy and Human Rights are now nonexistent in Venezuela.  Even current Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who had documented Chavez’ support of the narco-terrorist group FARC (when he was Defense Minister), is now backing Venezuela for the Security Council.  As is Chile, which had benefitted when prior Venezuelan governments had helped free a number of its democratic politicians who were held during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

Venezuela is a country that has:  nationalized the media and the telecommunications industries; many of the corporations that did not meet with the government’s approval; reportedly has the second-highest crime rate in the World and jails many political adversaries.  But, at least in the southern half 0f the Western Hemisphere. it appears that bribery will get you everywhere.



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