Back in the ole days, a Warlord controlled every aspect of what went on in his territory.  Chinese President Xi Jinping, however, has realized in these days of “New Normal”, a Dictator’s hands can truly be controlled.  Surely, China has been playing the Democracy and Capitalism Games; but, only to the extent that it gives the Party cover.  Once you lift the veil, you notice that many of the major corporations and liberties have their limits.  They are mostly controlled by the Communist Party.

Sure, the Chinese economy is the second largest, behind the U.S.; however, if you by-pass its huge population and consider the Gross Domestic Product on a per capita basis, it falls quite far down the list.  The Standard of Living and Average Annual Income for China  are truly nothing to write home about.

And yes, there is some “Democracy” (notice the quotes); however, you are only free to choose among what the Party offers for your consideration.  No Coke, Pepsi!  But, this is now the source of where President Xi’s frustration comes from–Hong Kong Students!

When Great Britain turned Hong Kong over to China, in 1997, the Communist Mainland promised to retain the various Rights and Freedoms that its Citizens had under the United Kingdom.  There would be: “One China, but two Systems”. HA!

China wanted to maintain Hong Kong as one of the three most prestigious financial capitals in the World–along with London and New York City.  It needed to keep the financial, intellectual and professional talent on the Island, however, to make that possible. Following the announcement of the turn-over, back in the prior decade, many, many educated and wealthy Chinese fled–mostly to the West.

The first free elections, as noted during the turn-over, have been scheduled for 2017.  Recently, however, China has signaled that only candidates that are approved by the Party will be on the ballot.  That reality sure doesn’t sit well with the Hong Kongers who have been used to considerable Freedom for 150 years.

This past week, Chinese Students in Hong Kong have held protest marches and staged large rallies, protesting the Communist Party’s refusal last month to allow free elections on the island.  They have now threatened to surround government buildings Thursday if Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying refuses to meet with them to discuss China’s plans for the 2017 election. High school students have also been invited to join the strike.

Going back to the Warlord,…er Zi.  It’s not supposed to be like this.  He cheers Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the U.S. Congress as they are constantly sticking pins in the Barack Obama doll.  But, in China?   I’m the Boss here, and what I get the Party to say…goes!  It has always been that way, and always will be!

Now, Xi Jinping and his Party Bosses have had their way for quite some time, and they have found that sharing at least some of the Wealth with the Pawns keeps everyone in their place.  But these Hong Kongers?  Just what is a to Warlord do? And besides, in Hong Kong, the whole World is watching!

NOTE:  I have received some interesting Comments regarding this Blog Post, questioning where I got some of my views from.  I have asked the Commenter where he was writing from; so, any response should be interesting.  But, there must be some merit to what i have written; because, a number of Hong Kon gets have visited the Blog.  And some from China, as well.


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  1. #1 by Patrick on September 25, 2014 - 6:35 AM

    It would be a good start to get his name right: Xi (pronounced she, as the Economist highlighted). What evidence do you have that President Xi is cheering Putin or obstructive members of the US Congress? Such loose and careless statements invalidate any positions you take.
    You mention 150 years of Freedom to which Hongkong people have used; in the political field, to what are you referring?
    There are many legitimate and interesting points surrounding this development; but you seem more interested in creating noise.

    • #2 by cheekos on September 25, 2014 - 12:27 PM

      Patrick, yes, it is Xi Jinping; however, most Blogs do not engage in the pronunciation game; however, Chinese and other knowledgeable people have no problem with that. Anyone else cn surely find the pronunciation on the Internet. Since my Blog is “written”–not spoken–“pronunciation” is merely superfluous.

      Let’s not get into the He said-She said dilemma. When Xi and Vladimir met, several months back, there was somewhat of a warming of the previous competitive spirit between the two countries. Also, I believe that anyone who considers the aggressiveness of China toward itgs smaller neighbors–Japan, Philippines and Vietnam, among others–along with Russia’s Annexation of Crimea and manipulation and funding of War in Ukraine, an intelligent person might naturally assume that Xi and Vladimir enjoy the distraction that the other is providing for President Obama.

      China and Russia, of course, do not have condescension, like what the U.S. Congress is providing our President. Remember, Patrick, that a Blog provides the arena for the Blogger to provide their personal views. This is not intended to be a dissertation.

      Lastly, if my views on the Rights and Freedoms of the People of Hong Kong are sorely incorrect, why did so many of them march in the streets to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Massacres? Why diode so many participate in the Unofficial Vote a month or two back, and why are the Students now marching, holding sit-down strikes and have threatened to block key government buildings today. This appears to be an “Occupy Hong Kong” Rally.

      I notice, Patrick, that you questioned where I got my Anti-Party views from; however, you have not asserted that they were wrong. Have you compared there per capita GDP between Mainland China–yes, the whole country–and Hong Kong, the standard of living, and the Average Annual Income? Perhaps that’s why the Hong Kongers want to maintain a separate system and retain the Rights and Freedoms that they are used to–and promised, prior to the Turn-Over.

      Patrick, you can see on the blog that I sprite from South Florida–in the United States. I kind of wonder what country you live in–no, not the city. Oh, and next time you stop for a bowl of noodles, remember that it’s: “No Coke, Pepsi!”

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