Last Sunday, there were Anti-War protest marches in Moscow, St. Petersburg and, perhaps, other major Russian cities.  Associated Press estimated that there were 20,000 marchers, and a journalist from Russia’s Ekho Moskovy radio station noted that there were 50,000 protestors, maybe more.  Moscow Police, however, said that there were only about 5,000 protest marchers.

Earlier this month, I published a Blog Post, which indicated that a number of the Mothers of Russian Soldiers, who had been killed, noticed that the Death Certificates they received seemed to have been “structured”, indicating that their Sons had died elsewhere. This is a common practice that goes back to the Soviet Era.  Russian Aeroflot airline crashes went unreported and Military Deaths in Afghanistan were low-balled.  The link for that Post is as follows:

The government-controlled Russian Media has continued to deny any involvement in the war between the Ukrainian Military and the pro-Russia Separatist militia.  It was certainly interesting that the government did not stop or interfere with the protest marches this past Sunday.  But, there were counter-protests that challenged the protestors chants:  “No to war!”; “Stop lying” and “The junta is in Kremlin, not Kiev.”


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