It all starts with the lies. Just like the Russian Media today, the Soviet Media was also controlled by the Government.  The Kremlin decided what would be published or aired–and what would not be let out.  The Russian people had been lied to, about: Afghanistan in the 1980s; Chechnya in the 1990s and now, Ukraine in 2014.

The Russian People love their Military and, just like in many countries, that praise and love is turned-around by the various Administrations as if the People support their policies.  But, how can that be when they don’t even know what those policies are?

We saw this same approach in the U.S. during the build-up to War in Iraq. Each evening, we watched the tracer bullets firing down in the Baghdad nighttime sky.  George W. Bush’s ratings went up.   The war-time coverage continued, with retired generals and colonels being paraded-out before the Media, as they shilled for the Defense Department–and their corporate employers, as well.  That media coverage continued, that is, until the caskets started coming in to Dover Air Force Base.  That’s where “Graves Registration” is headquartered.

Well, it looks like Putin’s favorably ratings might be preparing to drop soon, especially as the economy also continues to tank.  Several Russian dissidents have alerted the People that the recently deceased soldiers were really killed while fighting in Ukraine, not on a training mission. The Mothers of many of these soldiers have also begun to piece it all together.  And, the media does seem to be showing some rumblings.

In late August, more than 100 soldiers were killed, and the Families have sensed that something was amiss as the Death Certificates arrived with “structured” causes of death to make it look like they died elsewhere–but, not fighting in Ukraine.  Some of the Ladies in St. Petersburg have formed a Mothers’ Group, which the Russian Government has labeled as “foreign agents”.  Grateful Nation, huh?  Also, the numerous comments on the soldiers’ social media, by people in Ukraine, just adds to the conspiracy theory.

I have seen estimates of roughly 1,000 active duty Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, in addition to retired Russian military who had retired to Ukraine.  Alexander Zakharchenko, the self-styled leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic stated that the soldiers are volunteers, while on leave, and feel that it is their duty.  Frankly, I believe that this is so much nonsense: any healthy soldier–in any army whatsoever–has three priorities while on leave:  find the bars; relax and check-out the Ladies.

During the fireworks at a recent U.N. Security Council meeting, after American Ambassador Susan Powers said that: Russia has “outright lied” about it involvement in Ukraine, her Russian counterpart, Vitaly Churkin also stated the Russian soldiers in Ukraine are volunteers.  But, another Russian official was a bit more delusional when he said that the Troops were on a routine training mission, and perhaps they got lost. Now, one of the best-trained, and highly technological armies in the World…getting lost?  Doesn’t the Russian Army have GPS?

Again, back during the Soviet era, the media didn’t report it when Aeroflot airplanes (the national carrier) crashed.  The only way the Russian people would know it is when they saw multiple deaths in the same family in the Obituary Pages of the newspaper, and especially when it occurred to more than one family.  So, once again, it looks like the Russian People will have to read between the lines.  Well, they’re used to it.


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