A year and a half ago, movie actress Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy, and subsequently had her ovaries removed, as well. Her Mother had died of Breast Cancer at age 56, and Ms. Jolie had tested positive as carrying the genes for both Breast and Ovarian Cancer–with a high probability of contracting at least one, or both.  My original Blog Post is linked as follows:

A month ago, my Wife and I attended a family funeral and, among my various cousins, I saw Kathy who is just a couple of years older than me.  Well, a couple of weeks later, we received a call and learned that Kathy had passed away.  Soon thereafter, her Brother called and, in our discussion, he told me that Kathy had died of a heart attack.  As it turns out, she apparently had herself very worked-up about an operation the following day for Ovarian Cancer.

I recalled that Kathy’s older Sister had passed away from some sort of cancer, back in the 1960s.  Kathy’s Brother confirmed that their Sister had died from Ovarian Cancer, as well.  So yes, she died of a Heart Attack; but, you could say that it was Ovarian Cancer that really killed her.  She never had herself screened, even though the facts were there that she may very well have had it.

Angelina Jolie faced the music and learned the bad news; but, she acted on it.  Kathy, unfortunately, didn’t have herself screened.  It’s sad since, when we saw her just a month ago, she was her normal vibrant self.  So much to live for.

So, talk to your Parents (if you can), or Siblings.  Ask about illnesses or diseases in your Family.  Much of life’s medical problems can be hereditary–for both Females and Males.  Find out, take action and live to meet your Grandchildren.  Also, it is most important for Spouses, Significant Others, Family and Friends to be encouraging and supportive throughout this process.  Find out before it’s too late!


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