Last night, TV showed what could happen when the Ferguson Police Department confronted Black People who felt frustrated and underrepresented, both in key Town Posts and in the Police Department.  The Police used assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, rubber bullets, water cannons, etc.  My prior Blog Post is linked as follows: https://thetruthoncommonsense.com/2014/08/14/an-apparent-lack-of-authority-in-ferguson-mo/.  It wasn’t pretty last night, and it was confrontational and definitely not necessary.

Besides arresting a Town Alderman, and two journalists with Press Credentials inside a McDonald’s, the Police were shown on camera firing tear gas at peaceful people standing on their front lawns and intimidating media cameramen.  There clearly was no reason for any of that.  Tonight, happily the situation had changed for the better.

Today, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon placed the Missouri State Police in charge of patrolling Ferguson.  Apparently, he might have been responding to a “suggestion”,  either by President Barack Obama or U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.  Either way, it seems to have worked-out for the better–much better.

Gone was the combat gear, replaced by State Policemen, with only their standard service revolvers, in their holsters, mingling with the people, and showing respect and compassion.  They acknowledged the people’s frustration and some of the Police Officers even joined in the people’s march.  Then, the Crowd just milled around.  Calmly.

Basically, the State Police just allowed the people to vent their feelings and, afterward, there were many more people than the night before, but they were peaceful.  The mood seemed to be somewhat like a sense of relief, as if a great weight had been removed.
Residents seemed to feel empowered to walk the streets of their own town, without being gassed or challenged.

Over the last several decades, many local police departments have taken-on somewhat of a military approach–in attitude, dress and weaponry.  For some Police Chiefs, the new gadgetry can be like a Child having a new toy:  “Hey Kids, be the first on your block to have a new XYZ APC!”  As we saw last night, that strategy can be totally counterintuitive.

Tonight however, the situation was defused by the State Police merely treating people as we would all want to be treated ourselves. Given the new Law Enforcement attitude, the People responded in kind.  Just like the song, “A spoonful of sugar”, respect and professionalism can work wonders.  Let’s hope it keeps.



  1. #1 by Gloria B. God on August 15, 2014 - 9:45 AM

    I know it’s difficult for you to process, but the reason the cops used rubber bullets etc. is because the people were asked to leave on more than one occasion and wouldn’t because they are diffiant (sp). They are trying to prove a point. Don’t know what that would be, but when something bad happens milling around the streets for 4 or 5 nights is NOT the answer. It accomplishes NOTHING. Try ways to improve your neighborhood and the people in it, so this doesn’t happen again. Seems like common sense to me. How about you?
    The Rev (ha) Sharpton was there to inflame the situation. He shows up after the problem, but does NOTHING to rectify it. What is his role? In this day and age, whole neighborhoods should NOT need direction, but unfortunally (sp!) that is the case. Boggles the mind.
    I bet if Michele Obama would forgo one of her expensive vacations, she could fly there (at taxpayers expense) and try to talk to these people and let them know there are other ways to vent their frustrations. Oh, maybe they could do as most of us do. Nothing. Like, as in, suck it up. That’s life….
    I’ve noticed that the people from Saint Louis, Mo – are some of the preppiest people I ever did see.
    FYI – just reading on da internet that a clean cut white kid, getting ready to leave for college, was gunned down in his jeep in front of a convenience store. Where is the outrage? Can you imagine his families frustration and grief? No, don’t think you can. Gee, I wonder who killed that poor kid?

    • #2 by cheekos on August 15, 2014 - 2:36 PM

      Dear “God” (I never thought that I would ever address anyone that way.), I went back to see if you had placed any periods in that Comment, signifying that you had just taken a breath in between listing all of those “points”. But, I kind of understand your point of view; however, I don’t agree with any of it.

      Well, except for the fact that Al Sharpton surely doesn’t add anything to the situation (he never does), and possibly just accelerates it. I’d like to see him do whatever it was that he did do, before he got his own television “show”. He is a lightening rod for the “Right”, and perhaps that’s what got your attention.

      Have you actually been to St. Louis? And, do you really understand what it is to be Black in America, to be held back at every step of the way for the color of your skin? St. Louis is somewhat of a mix between North and South, since that is due to its history, from a prior century. A corporate town, a railroad town, but certainly not a particularly “preppy” town.

      Your “Comment” appears to be anything, but… It really doesn’t address anything from either of my (now) last two Blog Posts on the recent situation in Ferguson. You do not add anything, and don’t seem to list any facts to substantiate your points-of-view. Did you actually read either of my Posts? Rather, your Comment seems to just list a liturgy of things that suggest a particular ideology, regardless of the discussion it the two posts.

      Now, think about it. What would any person do if a White army were to invade a Black Neighborhood–and with all the weapons and gadgetry that went with it in Ferguson? How about if it was a Black Army and a White Neighborhood? Any difference?

      And, tell me why the President’s Wife cannot go on vacation? Is it her fault that our LAWS (really) require her to travel with a full range of security–people and transportation? Well, at least you didn’t bother to comment on her hair or clothes. But, is Michelle Obama really germane to the conversation about Ferguson?

      And, when you mention the White Man who was killed. Was it by the local Police who are sworn to Serve and Protect? How often are Young White Men profiled, and stopped and frisked? Why did the Ferguson Police arrest the Alderman, and two credentialed journalists–in a McDonald’s? Or, why didn’t they want the media to film their over-the-top actions? You seem to have missed those and virtually every other point–save Al Sharpton–in my last two Posts. THANKS FOR SHARING!

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