Before you respond to that comment, take a deep breath (perhaps more than one) and lets put some Common Sense into gear.  Over the past several months, we have had tens of thousands of Small Children streaming across our southern boarder.  Many Americans have been putting their two cents in; but, I seriously doubt that their potential solutions are worth even that.  In fact, much of the “advice” being given is just Nonsense!

There have been many asinine recommendations:  send them back to where they came from; so, we just point them back toward Mexico (a dies!), even though the Children are from Central America?   Send armed drops to the boarder; for Small Children?  Just close our boarder, HA!  All of these comments are so far off base; because, some people just do not understand what the real problem is.

The Small Children who have recently been crossing our boarder is not, in fact, an Immigration Problem:  it is a Refugee Problem.  Parents are sending their Children to the U.S. to escape the drug trafficking violence in Central America–specifically in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  An interesting article from the NY Times, which explains life in those countries, is linked as follows:

For the past several years, the U.S. has been sending financial aid to Jordan to help it provide humanitarian aid to refugees from the on-going War in Syria.  Let’s look at facts: the population of Jordan was approximately 6.5 Million in 2013.  Jordan has just over 600,000 Syrian Refugees from that war next door–roughly ten percent of its own population.  Now, let’s put that into context.  The population of the U.S. in 2013 was 313 Million.  Well folks, we don’t have anywhere near 31 Million kids coming across the boarder.  So, let’s exhale and think this whole problem over.

If we can encourage and support Jordan in its providing a safe refuge for a large number of Syrians, how can we not do the same ourselves, with regard to these Children?  We took in Cubans who were fleeing Castor’s Cuba in the early 1960s; so, we do have a history of being a caring people.  We’ve done it time and again over the years, with people fleeing many different regimes.  And in the end, America has benefitted from doing so.

Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t look for solutions, such as:  helping the countries of Central America solve their drug trafficking problems; increasing the number of Judges and Immigration staff to properly process the refugees; identifying family members and volunteers to care for the Children, and finding long-term solutions.  But, it is important that we engage some common sense–especially in dealing with Small Children.   Just think of what you would want for your own Children or Grandchildren!

NOTE:  Parents are facing the heartbreaking decision of sending their Children on an extremely dangerous journey or keep them home to face the violence and dangers which would face them everyday.  That is atypically similar to the Biblical story of King Solomon realizing that the Women who was willing to give-up her Child, in order to save its life, was the true Mother.  If the Adults were coming across our Southern Boarder currently, that might present an Immigration situation; but, this is truly a Child Refugee Problem.  




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    Joe–so very well put!

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