The often-stated theme of this Blog is Anything and Everything, and I sure haven’t changed from it.  But, the various Foreign Affairs concerns just seem to be over-towering most other things these days.  America’s focus, and much of the World’s, is currently on such matters as:  China’s aggressive behavior in Asia; dealing with Russia in Ukraine; Islamic Fundamentalism in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East; political turns toward the “Right” in Europe; the influx of thousands of Small Children from Central America across the U.S. boarder with Mexico; etc.

Frankly, as an American, I am ashamed with our Congress for focusing on the party-specific political aspects of the Children streaming across our southern boarder, rather than the Humane needs of the Children, and helping Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador solve the problems that created the Violence in those Central American Nations.  To me, that’s like treating the symptoms, rather than the disease.  But, perhaps that will make for another Blog post in the future.

This is why the majority of my Blog Posts and linked Posts recently, have been from the NY Times and the Washington Post–arguably the two best newspapers in the U.S., and two of the best Worldwide.  For the coverage of South America, however, i still feel that our South Florida newspapers are as good as any, since they live and cover that Region.

NOTE:  In fact, even the Vatican seems to be currently mesmerized by Things International.  I just wonder what the Two Popes–Francis I, an Argentine, and Benedict XVI, a German–have riding on Sunday’s World Cup Final Match.

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