For-Profit Colleges are a relatively recent blip on the higher eduction horizon.  These colleges tend to charge much higher tuition than more mainstream colleges and universities, their academic credits are generally not transferable to other schools, oftentimes they have a higher focus on on-line courses and up to 90% of their revenue comes from Federal Student Aid.  Also, their placement in positions within the students’ academic focus are somewhat questionable.

A hang-up that i have is that the web sites, which I have checked, for For-Profit Colleges do not provide any information.  You must provide your Contact Information so that, I can only assume, someone may contact you.  Why can’t they list their various Fields of Study offered, Tuition and Fees, the range of college entrance scores of the current Freshman Class, etc, like more-established schools do?  Why must someone call to answer my questions?  To sell me something?

The linked article, from the NY Times, describes the recent collapse of Corinthian College, one of the largest For-Profits, as follows:,  The often-stated pitch for For-Profit Colleges includes the assertion that it provides an opportunity for students who are generally left out of the normal college process; however, I have never seen any statistics as to their success–or students’ degree completion rates.  Without such success stories, I can only believe that their main goal is to take the money and run.  If not, where are the positive results?



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