Generally, countries–especially ones that deny Human Rights and Freedoms–have been known to re-write History.  But, the People’s Republic of China–not to be confused with the Republic of China (Taiwan)–recently issued a New Map, which cites the various land masses, which it had previously claimed, as (now) being an integral part of the People’s Republic.

An article, from the Washington Post, which describes the current situation, including the New Map, is linked as follows,  Not only does the “New China” include Taiwan, which it has regarded as a renegade province since the mid-1950s; but, it also includes the various island groups that it is now contesting with various Southeast Asian Neighbors, such as: Japan; the Philippines and Vietnam, among others.

The Peoples’ Republic lacks natural resources in order to provide for the needs of it 1.3 Billion Population.  That’s why it has been cutting deals with: Brazil; Cuba; Nigeria; several Middle Eastern nations and, more recently, Russia.  But, the small island groups that it is contesting are thought to have significant oil reserves, which might provide, at least, a partial solution to its Energy Needs.

At the same time, the territory surrounding the islands in questions include heavily-travelled Commercial Sea Lanes, which could provide an aggressive China with Control of the Seas in the Region.  In fact, some $5.3 Trillion in Trade passes through that Area each year.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin recently met to sign a long-term contract for China to buy Gas from Russia.  That would help China’s meet its energy needs, and provide Russia with the hard currency that it needs so desperately. Perhaps the two Socialist Leaders, however, discussed more than just Gas.

Russia recently moved into the Crimea Region of Ukraine, and annexed it.  Perhaps the West (E. U. and U. S.) were expecting that to happen and, although they complained, I just believe they are not actively contesting it.  But, at least so far, the Economic Sanctions seem to have gotten Putin’s attention.  And Russia hasn’t made more than a minor effort to manipulate the Eastern Region of Ukraine.

So, Xi seems to have taken notice and, perhaps, assumed that, if China just “upgrades” its Map, no one else will notice.  There are so many questions to be answered regarding this issue:  how far is China willing to go; how active will the U. S. be in countering China’s aggression; what role will the other Southeast Asian countries take; and what will the International Court’s do?  And, do those Courts actually have any teeth? HMM?



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