Most people know or have known someone who either has or had it.  Alzheimer’s is a deterioration of the mind and I certainly will not get into discussing such things, which are well beyond my comprehension.  I’ve read articles, however, that show brain-scans with arrows pointing toward black spots; but, what does that do to me or to you?  That is, unless you might suspect a problem and wish to consult your physician.

I recently ran across the linked article, in the NY Times, which went into more detail, and even included a test:  “A Test for the Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease”, which you can take: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/20/your-money/a-test-for-the-early-detection-of-alzheimers-disease.html?emc=edit_bg_20140624&nl=booming&nlid=64667462.

The test was developed by a Team led by Dr. Douglas W. Scharre, a Neurologist, at The Ohio State University Medical School.  It was designed over five years and is known as the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (or SAGE).  Apparently it is gaining popularity and some physicians have patients take it in their office, and then discuss the results–and the potential impact–with them.

You can download the test at: http://medicalcenter.osu.edu/patientcare/healthcare_services/alzheimers/sage-test/Pages/index.aspx.  Once you agree to the Terms and Conditions, click “I agree”, to Download the test.  There are four interchangeable versions of the test; but, you only need to take one.  You can print it out, take the test and discuss it with your physician.  Dr. Sharre’s contact information is listed below that, presumably if your own doctor wishes to contact his Team.

Alternatively, you can cheat, like I did, and click on “For Physicians” tab.  Your doctor will find instructions on administering the rest, scoring the test and an explanation about what the various scores mean.  The Science behind the SAGE Test, the methodology and some technical information is also provided–again mostly for physicians.



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