Heresy, you say?  Just hear me out.  I realize that the U. S. spends as much on Defense as do the next ten countries combined.  And, our Military Technology is the state-of-the-art, which other countries can only try to emulate.  But again, are we really the strongest and best prepared?  Just tell me again then how all that preparedness, spending and fire power did for us in our three longest Wars–Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq?  Our record there was 0-and-3.

It’s not just the U. S., the Soviet Union spent ten years trying to conquer Afghanistan, back in the 1980s and, now, it looks like we have failed in our Venture there, as well.  Warfare has changed today, and each War is different.  All of our preparedness, high-tech firepower and “school solutions” just haven’t been able to match-up against those Viet Cong, with only AK-47s and black pajamas in Vietnam (then), or today’s al-Quida and Taliban with robes and IEDs, in the Middle East, more recently.

Yes, I’ve heard of Counterinsurgency (“COIN”), and “Winning the Hearts and Minds”; but, we just can’t blend-in with the local populace, speak the language or understand the customs–not like the insurgents can.  And, when we send an Army in to do what a Small Force is better-prepared at, we are just playing with Fire.  Just consider our surplus Troops: urinating on enemy corpses; burning Korans; raping and killing Civilians–including Children.  That reminds me of the atrocities U. S. Troops committed in My Lai, in 1968.  Hence, these grotesque actions just make us the best recruiters for al-Quida and the Taliban.

Also, there has not been a confrontation between the so-called Major powers since World War II.  Nowadays, the Powers send their proxies to fight.  For instance, during the Angolan Civil War in the 1970s, the Soviet Union sent the Cubans to support the leftist MPLA, against the U. S.-supported Armies of South America and Zaire.   At that time, there was no functioning Government in Angola.

Our Politicians and Media continually proclaim the invincibility of our Military, and I am sure that every country does the same; however, a nation can only claim that right after continued success on the Battlefield or Naval Confrontation.  Until that happens, however, no country can truly claim that honor.

Speaking of Defense Spending and Firepower, I understand that today’s Up-Armored Humvees, which cost roughly $200,000, are still lacking the full protection and maneuverability that our soldiers need.  But, at that price, the Basic “Jeep”, in my day, would now have to cost $300,000.  Why don’t we just build Castles with Moats to protect our Troops?

When we are continuously told that we are “The Best” at anything, we often start to believe it.  But, it is when we are not totally satisfied with the current situation, that we might look for the alternatives.  For instance, prior to the Japanese Invasion of Pearl Harbor, in 1941, and the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001, there were advanced warnings; but, we failed to consider them.  Well, what if we did accept the possibilities, and developed a Plan B.?  Just think of how things might have turned-out!


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