After World War I and the break-up of the ottoman Empire, the so-called Great Powers of Europe drew lines in the sand and, thus, established many of the countries of today’s Middle East.  They apparently did so without any consideration for the multiple Religious, Sectarian, Tribal or Ethnic differences of the People included therein.  Frankly, that would be even more short-sighted than a country creating states or provinces internally without any consideration for natural boundaries, such as rivers and mountain ranges.

When John F. Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, ran for President in 1960, some people were concerned that he would follow the political or moral line of the Church of Rome.  He promised that his Religion was a personal matter, and that his Political Views would be based on His Conscience and what was best for the American People.  He seemed to have followed-through nicely on that vow.  And, that’s the way it should be.

In Iraq, however, it appears that some Religious Views are held so deeply that they cannot possibly be separated from the Man himself.  These Leaders promise Inclusion and pledge to honor the Multiple Religious or Ethnic Views of all; however, once they actually get to work, it appears that that Inclusion is left at the Door of their Palace or Office.

The absurdity of it all is that the Iraqis cannot seem to understand that they can raise their Own People–as well as their Country–Up, without tearing everyone else down.  After ten years, however, t’s truly time for America to bid adieu.



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