GM had already been called onto the carpet, both in the Media and in Congress, for a faulty ignition switch.  At first, it had  acknowledged that the switch had caused twelve lives; however, that number is expected to climb, perhaps to more than 300 Deaths.  The horror and disgust behind all of this is that GM Engineers and Executives apparently knew all about this potentially death-causing problem for ten years, and failed to react.

Recently, it was reported that the key for the GM cars enables customers to attach key chains or rings with additional keys.  Now, most people have a car, home and several other keys on the same chain or ring.  GM’s recent revaluation, however, was that some people carry many keys on the chain or ring.  And, when they bounce around in a moving car, that can interrupt the ignition switch–thus causing a complete loss of power to the steering, air bags and anti-lock breaks.  GM’s solution appears to be:  a key that does not permit other keys to be attached to the ignition switch.  How simple!

With all of the Research and Engineering expertise that it must have, did GM just figure this out–in completing this most-recent study?  Or did it know about it a long, long time ago?   Perhaps its just time to pull the switch on GM–either Old or New GM!




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