The “Working Girls” of Venezuela have side-stepped the shrinking local economy by branching-out into money changing, in the “Black Market”.  In Venezuela, converting foreign currency in the unauthorized street markets is illegal; but, prostitution isn’t.  Their Clients are mostly Sailors on ocean-going cargo ships, and the Prostitutes provide roughly eleven times as many Bolivars in return for U. S. Dollars.  That’s a WIN-WIN Situation: the Sailor’s get more,  at and the Girls earn more.  Good business for all!  

The Venezuelan economy has been shrinking since the days of Hugo Chavez, the former President, nationalized many key industries and basically ran them into the ground.  The current President, Nicolas Maduro, has followed “el Presidente’s” insane example.  As a result, consumer necessities are scarce, Inflation is rampant and no one wants to hold the Venezuelan Bolivar.

Long ago in my working career, I realized that you have to constantly be reinventing yourself in order to keep up with the ever-changing World.  Apparently, the Girls of Venezuela have come to the same conclusion.  The linked article, from Bloomberg News, provides some additional background information on this topic:



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