Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) appears to be in quite a bind.  He and the Republican Party had been working for the past year, suggesting that:  they would repeal “Obamacare”; replace it with (well) something… which was never really defined) and that it was costing jobs.   Once: the “Affordable Health Care” web site was fixed and working, and Eight Million Previously-Uninsured People signed-up for it, the “Repeal” campaign was canned.  And, there is no evidence that it had cost any jobs.

Senator McConnell is running against Alison Lundergan Grimes, a Democrat, who is currently the Kentucky Secretary of State, to retain his Senate Seat in November.  You see, Kentucky has a Democratic Governor who accepted the ACA’s Extended Medicaid Program and formed a state-run Insurance Exchange–under ACA–which has enrolled more than 400,000 previously-uninsured Kentuckians into “KyNect”.  Kentuckians widely approve the Program; but, just don’t call it Obamacare.

So, at a recent press conference, Senator McConnell was asked whether he would continue his efforts to repeal Obamacare OR retain KyNect.  McConnell, after looking quite flustered, declared that “they’re not connected”.  He just couldn’t back-down on his anti-Obamacare rhetoric; but, he also couldn’t state that he wanted to obliterate the very KyNect Health Care Program that Kentuckians know and love–and need.

Alison Grimes, after suffering one chauvinistic McConnell attack after another, responded by saying that “Mitch McConnell is living in a FantasyLand”, and that living in Washington too long has put him out of touch with Kentuckians.  Avoiding mention of ACA or Obamacare, Grimes vowed to improve KyNect.  Polls continue to show McConnell and Grimes virtually running neck-and-neck.  So, it will certainly be one of the more interesting Senate Races to continue to watch.  Also, Grimes approach–embracing Affordable Health Care, but not Obamacare–seems to be gaining traction among other Democrats, as well.



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