In a nutshell, diplomacy is so much horse trading.  Putin got what he really needs: unquestioned possession of Crimea and the only warm-water Russian Naval Base; and greater autonomy for the Eastern and Southern Areas of Ukraine to work with Russia.  Russia could not possibly provide the necessary financial assistance that Ukraine truly needs.  Remember, its basically broke.

The Western Alliance–EU and US–has averted taking direct Military Action.  Europe still has access to Russian Gas and Trade–so very vital to both Russia and Europe–seems not to have been disrupted. Continued cooperation of Russia in the negotiations with Iran and Syria, and continued transport access of NATO to Afghanistan–remains in tact.

Right now, the ball is in both Russian President Vladimir Putin’s and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s courts.  Although the West believes that tomorrow’s National Election will go relatively well, I can only believe that anxiety is still quite pervasive.

Let’s hope that common sense prevails.



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