Yes, the U. S. celebrates Mothers’ Day this Sunday; but, do you really have to wait to show her how much you love her and appreciate her?  She brought you into the World–sure with a little help from Dad–perhaps was the source of your nourishment in the early days and, then, was there to comfort you when you were sick.

The cards, candy, flowers and presents are all fine; but, they just represent superficial things.  The Words, the Visits (if possible) and just keeping Mom in your life–and you in Hers–would be appreciated much, much more than anything that money can buy.

Mom, along with that special Teacher or Role Model, was probably the most instrumental person in your life.  Each Generation is merely building upon what they received from prior generations.  And, as you either will (perhaps) or have become a Parent yourself, you (will) better understand the hard work that especially Mom put into what you have accomplished.  And, your job now is to, in-turn, pass it onto future generations.

It was quite an emotional time to see Kevin Durant recently receiving the 2014 National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player Award.  So, you have a Young Man, at the very pinnacle of his profession–and no-doubt, a very wealthy Man–get teary-eyed, before a large audience, as he paid tribute to his Mom.  As he said, “She’s my MVP! “  NO MONEY CAN BUY THOSE WORDS!

I have personally been blessed by the two wonderful Women in my Life–my Wife and our Daughter.  They are both Special Ladies and my Wife certainly did a good job in passing the Torch of Motherhood on.  Right, Henry?

But, every Mom is a Special Lady.  Who would want that job: long hours, very little time to themselves and basically, being on-call 24/7?  BE SURE TO LET MOM KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE!

NOTE: Hey, even if you don’t live in the U.  S., why wouldn’t these thoughts apply to you, as well?


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