I was sitting at home this afternoon at 5:15 PM.  So, I decided to check whether there was anything going on, on the News Front. Well, here goes.  CNN had one of those “Breaking News” banners.  I was glad that I had turned the TV on when I did.

Well, the Breaking News was that a submersible vehicle, assisting in the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (remember that?) was damaged.  I kid you not!  And then, guess what:  the next headline said that ‘The search might be in the wrong ocean.”  HUH?

Now, I realize that the Broadcast Media has to fill-in every minute of Air Time.  So, the old idea of condensing a story, as its Press Counterparts do, cannot be considered.  But, couldn’t CNN have found another story to fill-in the gap?

For instance: who was drafted from Slippery Rock University, in the 85th Round of of ESPN’s NFL Football Draft; that Vladimir Putin still kisses his image in the mirror every morning or that the “Big Apple” would drop again, at Times Square, this New Year’s Eve?  THANKS FOR ASKING!


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