Congressman Paul D. Ryan (R-WI) is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and it seems that he often provides his latest Budget Blueprint for America, such as today’s “Path to Prosperity”.  As usual, it tends to look extremely reminiscent of his Plans from prior years.  It is definitely not an actual Budget, per se, since it is mostly lacking in numerical content–to include identifying where the funding will come from, or actually balancing his ideas.  Perhaps “wish list” would be a better title.

It is a rather lengthy document; so, I will just highlight a few things that he has cited.  Now, keep in mind that, in some instances, you seem to have to read between the lines.  For instance, HOW will he:  reform the Tax Code; increase private funding of cultural institutions; reform the job skills of unemployed Americans; improve our Education System by cutting-back on PELL Grants; improve the life of the Poor by cutting-back on Medicaid and Food Stamps (SNAP); improve the functioning of the VA (when Republican Senators have reduced funding); improve Medicare when the savings to Seniors would be lost by…(what else) repealing Obamacare? And, the list goes on…

As the linked article, from the CBS News web site notes, this Plan is largely “for show”; because, Ryan and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) already produced a similarly vague “Plan”, which was signed into Law by President Barack Obama late last year,  Maybe that old adage “Re-Elect no one” rings true–now more than ever.



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