It has been reported that Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is planning to release his own Health Care Plan to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  That’s four years after it was signed into Law.  Apparently, Jindal regards himself as a viable candidate for the GOP Presidential Nomination in 2016.  He is not, however, regarded highly by Republican stalwarts and big money donors.

Several decades back, the young 42 year-old Conservative Governor served in several Health Care positions at both the State and Federal level.  Governor Jindal plans to release his 26-page Health Care Plan, in Washington, in order to insert himself into the expanding list of potential 2016 GOP “beauty contestants”.

It is interesting that, as rumor would have it, Jindal plans to use a number of “Block Grants”, which basically would have the Federal Government send funds directly to the state capitals in order that each state might fashion a plan, based on its own particular needs.  At first, that sounds pretty good; but, what might happen next?

Its important to note that Governor Jindal was emphatically in the forefront of Republican Governors in: turning-down the Federal Stimulus that the Obama Administration offered his state in 2009; refused the ACA’s Extended Medicaid Program for Poor Louisianians; wanted to establish a state health insurance exchange–until it refused to, at the last minute.  In other words, he chose to turn-down these various returns of Louisiana Taxes-Paid by his relatively poor state.  Accordingly, there is no guarantee that Federal Funding for Health Care Block Grants would be used for the intended purposes.

Jindal appears to be using this Plan as a way of inserting himself in the running for the Nomination as a candidate with actual policy credentials, rather than political ideology.  But hey, Bobby Jindal has been a Conservative Ideologue since he’s been in the Republican Political Spotlight.  What’s that saying about a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

NOTE: The linked article, from Gannet News,,  is a prime example of the Governor’s Health Care thought processes.  In a article that he has written, he cites his interest in helping Disabled Louisianians in turning-down the Extended Medicaid Benefits.  By his doing so, the State would lose $1.65 Billion in Annual Health Care Benefits and the potential for 15,600 new jobs in Health Care and Related Fields.  In effect, he has been working against Obamacare.



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