A full-court press is basketball parlance for “pulling-out all the stops”.  The enrollment period for Health Insurance under the Affordable Care Act ends on March 31–two weeks from this past Monday.  THAT WILL BE A HARD END-DATE! Anyone who does not sign-up by then, will have to wait until the next Enrollment Period, which will run from November 15, 2014 until March 31, 2015.

Many Americans are aware that President Barack Obama is a die-hard basketball fan.  He has had a court set-up in the White House, often plays against Friends and Staff, and occasionally invites a few NBA Players in for a game.  So, his passion for basketball combines with his desire to insure that all Americans have access to Affordable Health Care.  That makes the timing for the Basketball Championships quite an opportunity.

On Monday, it was reported that ACA (“Obamacare”) surpassed the Five Million Enrollee mark.  Also, 800,000 signed-up in the first two weeks of this month and, if that pace continues, ACA may very well reach the Six Million Enrollee goal.  And, that is with Republicans in the Congress bad-mouthing it at every step of the way, GOP-controlled state houses throwing-up road-blocks and the considerable amount of mis-education provided by the Koch Bothers’ “Americans for Prosperity” advertisements.

It is very important that the Young “Invincibles” enroll in ACA to balance-out the insurance pool.  Oftentimes, however, they feel that they can wait a few years before enrolling.  But, all you have to do to realize the importance of Health Care is to think back to last year’s Tournament,

Louisville’s Kevin Ware suffered a compound fracture in his right leg.  Coaches and Players for both teams were visibly shaken, and the game was stopped to attend to him.  Louisville did go on to win the Championship.  Although Mr. Ware did play briefly in one game this year, he decided to “red-shirt” (practice, but not compete) for the rest of the year, as he works on his rehabilitation.  The real question is: will Kevin Ware ever compete full-time for the Louisville Cardinals or, potentially, at the “Next Level”–the NBA?

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships begins with the first round of games tomorrow.  The White House has a post on its web site, “www.wh.gov” about the importance and the deadline for signing-up.  The ads will be shown throughout the Event, which goes on for several weeks.  It should reach many of the Young “Invincibles”, which are so important to the insurance pool, and many other Americans, as well.  Ads with reigning NBA MVP LeBron James and Hall-of-Famer, Ervin “Magic” Johnson, touting Affordable Health Care., have already been showing.

NOTE: Yes, the White House web site does have the President’s 2014 Brackets.


  1. #1 by chestercat1 on March 19, 2014 - 7:53 PM

    I recall President Obama asking the NFL and, I believe, MLB (or the NBA) if they would help push the ACA through commercials and endorsements. The answer? NO! Of course, football, baseball, and basketball players never get injured. The pros, of course, are covered. If I remember correctly, the NFL at first said “yes”, then bowed to pressure from GOP fans. OK, enough acronyms for today…LOL!

  2. #2 by cheekos on March 20, 2014 - 1:23 AM

    I believe that President Obama made a personal appeal to the individual players, rather than go thought the League. As noted, he occasionally invites a few current and/or former player a few pick-up games. And, Pat Reilly is not going to try to get in “King James” way. I had hoped to see a few more–such as Durant sign-on–but, maybe he wasn’t asked or didn’t have interest. But, the latest prediction is that the ACA Campaign will net 6.2 Million Enrollees.

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