Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law has received a considerable amount of attention lately; however, roughly half of the states–mostly those under Republican Control–have imposed virtually the same NRA-Drafted SYG Legislation on their Residents.   Many GOP Governors likewise turned-down the no-strings-attached Federal Stimulus Funds in 2009, the same for Extended Medicaid Benefits, enacted Legislation to obstruct Voting, and the list goes on, and on.  It seems like the GOP Governors are all reading from the same “Game Plan”.

Recently, Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer Vetoed a Bill, which the State Legislature had already passed, perhaps after receiving a good bit of backlash from the likes of:  both Arizona Republican Senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake; the Chamber of Commerce; Former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA); the NFL; and numerous individuals and businesses–large and small.

The Legislation was supposedly to protect “Religious Freedom” (wink, wink, nod, nod); but, people on both sides of the issue realized that the Bill’s intent was really to discriminate against the LGBT Community.  The Legislation supposedly would enable businesses to turn-away potential customers who they felt they could not, in all due conscience, provide service to.  Rationale alert here: what business, especially during a weak economy, is voluntarily going to turn-away customers–for ANY reason?  So, let’s assume that the real purpose of the Legislation is actually Religious Rights.

My Son, when he first registered to vote, he did so as a member of the Young Communist Party–just to be different. Actually, I doubt it even still exists.  So, if he were to enter a restaurant, a bar, a retail store, etc., who would know how he had registered to vote?

There actually have been blind people, guided by Seeing-Eye dogs, who have been illegally turned-away from stores.  At the same time, several months ago, there was a Lady, neatly-dressed in a full (head-to-toe) burka, shopping at out local supermarket.  Would anyone’s religious views have been infringed upon in any of these instances?

Realistically, Religious Freedom is a term that may appeal to many; however, it is probably just “Code” to drum-up support from one’s Political Base.  In fact, Mitt Romney responded to a reporter’s question recently by saying that he was happy that Governor Brewer Vetoed the Bill; however, he then said that he was still in favor of Religious Freedom.

Tell me, GOP Governors:  How can we legally enable one group in our Society to deny other groups any of their Constitutionally-Protected Rights?  Such Legislation would not pass the “Smell Test”–the Equal Protection Provision, under the 14th Amendment.  By the way, that applies to All Rights.  Also, wouldn’t empowering one group, over another, merely start our Society into a downward spiral?


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