The linked article from the International New York Times provides a good update on the continuing saga,  The Maps, which are inter-linked with the story, provides some interesting insight as to the apparent ratio of People that speak Ukrainian (in the West), as compared to Russian (in the East).

Yesterday, President Vladimir Putin asked the Russian Duma (Parliament) for the authority to mobilize troops in Crimea–and the Ukraine, in general–to protect its interests.  The vote was Unanimous In Favor of granting the authority, 399-0.  If the Russian incursion into (Soviet) Georgia, in 2008, was any indication, today’s Russian Military might focus primarily be focused on protecting its Military Bases,  “threatened” Russian Citizens, both in Crimea and throughout the Ukraine–and offer Russian Passports to any Native-Russians who may wish to leave.  An interesting point here is that, no Native Russians appear to actually have been threatened.

The Ukrainian Government, in Kiev, responded by mobilizing its Military and activating its. Reserve Forces.  The Ukrainian support for former President Viktor Yushchenko was very strong in the Eastern and Southern Regions; however, many supporters have now denounced him for ordering the military to fire on Civilians, as well as for corruption.

Given the large majority of Native Russians in the Crimea, the fact that it was actually a part of the Soviet Union some fifty years ago and the presence of the huge Naval Base, I believe that the Crimea will eventually be ceded back to Russia, as part of an Agreement between the Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and U.S.  Perhaps that would end the potential for more confrontations in the future.  That way. other Native Russians in Ukraine could move to Crimea, if they wish.


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