I can remember something that happened after the Stock Market Crashed in 1987.  On that day in October, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by 21% on ONE DAY!   Just think, if you were a Retiree, what would your reaction have been? Well, one investor went into his local Merrill Lynch Office and shot, and killed, the Manager.

Just prior to that, a deranged shooter shot President Ronald Reagan, in Washington, DC, and Jim Brady, Reagan’s Press Secretary, was also hit, and has been an invalid ever since.  The so-called “Brady Bill”–to reduce Gun Violence–was passed in Congress.  So, what has been done ever since?  NOTHING!

There have been a number of instances where postal workers have shot, and killed, Supervisors and Colleagues at USPS Offices.  Likewise, employees of various other businesses have shot and killed follow employees and supervisors from time-to-time.  But, still nothing has been done.  But, why not?

Roughly half of the states have embraced the National Rifle Association’s template legislation to enact some version of a “Stand Your Ground” Law.  The local “joke”, in Florida”, following the recent killing of an unarmed youth for playing loud music has truly been an abomination.  IF you shoot, just don’t miss!

Mr. Dunn was found Guilty of Attempted Murder, with regard to the three Youths who drove away.  But, there was no verdict in the death of the Young Man, who was in the same car, and actually did die.  How can that be?

How many other Mass Killings have we had?  Columbine: the Wisconsin Sikh Temple; Virginia Tech University; the D. C. Sniper; Aurora Theater; Sandy Hook: Elementary School; and TOO many more? As the old song, from the 1960s protest days (Where have all the flowers gone?) goes, When will (they) WE ever learn, when will (they) WE ever learn?  Are we all mad?

The linked Op-Ed, from the NY Times, is an excellent expose of all that is wrong today in America:  the NRA, shilling for the Guns and Ammo Industry, has a free ticket to spread their vile lies; State and Federal Legislatures give them the green light, lest they lose campaign funding; Executives in the Guns and Ammo Industry dismiss their humane responsibilities in favor of the Almighty Dollar; some Gun Enthusiasts shirk their Humanity and Gun Dealers cannot differentiate Right and Wrong.  Don’t any of them look at their Children and Grandchildren and wonder:  What AM I doing?

The linked Op-Ed, a Letter to the Chief Counsel of the Idaho State Legislature, from the NY Times, is undoubtedly the best Essay that I have ever read on the absolute Insanity of Gun Violence today in America.  The author, Greg Hampikian, is a Professor of Biology and Criminal Justice, at Boise State university, in Idaho.  The (Op-Ed) Essay is linked as follows: Idaho had just passed Legislation permitting the carrying of Guns on Campus.  The title says it all: “When May I Shoot a Student?”



  1. #1 by chestercat1 on March 1, 2014 - 5:41 AM

    Wonderful essay…thank you for re-posting it.

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