I had to place the third part of my trilogy about the Republican’s in Congress fighting among themselves, as well as with the Administration, on the back-burner.  The linked article from the NY Times was just too cute to pass-up,  I think that it’s a really great read.

Bill de Blasio, you might recall, is the Democratic Mayor of New York, who took over from Michael Bloomberg approximately six weeks ago.  At today’s press conference, de Blasio pointed-out that the City always gets a lot of flack from Parents for those late decisions as to whether or not to close the schools on Snow Days.  So, the Mayor and his Schools Chancellor, Carmen Farina, declared that the City Public School System would be open on Thursday. OOPS!

Given the size of the City’s School System, everyone seems to have a different point-of-view–especially in the situation between Working Moms (and Dads), and ones who would be home anyway.  So, after six snowstorms in six weeks, Mayor de Blasio decided early on Wednesday that they knew better than the National Weather Service. Unfortunately, their decision to overrule the experts’ Weather Report was terribly, terribly wrong.

Al Roker, the Weatherman on NBC’s “Today Show”, who is in Sochi, Russia to cover the Winter Olympics, blasted the Mayor for making the wrong call.  After the Mayor and Roker had an exchange of viewpoints through the Media, Mr. Roker posted the Weather Service’s Forecast, from early Wednesday, that had predicted a difficult Thursday.  Oh well, Mr. Mayor, it’s gonna be four more years of “Damned if you do, and Damned if you don’t.”



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