The political pundits–on both sides–seem to have been talking about “BridgeGate” for months; however, it’s only been a week since it went viral.  You know the routine: someone had the bright idea to order a “traffic study” on an access road, in Ft. Lee, N. J., closing three of the four lanes onto the George Washington Bridge–which is the busiest bridge in the World.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has spent hours arguing that he knew nothing about the blockage, which caused gridlock in Ft. Lee for four days.  That tie-up also caused considerable delays to travelers from many other New Jersey communities, trying either to get to work or traveling for Interstate Commerce.

There many other questions that have yet to be addressed:

1.  This debacle blocked Inter-State Commerce, which is a major offense.  Also, since there are two ends to a bridge, was no one in New York in touch with their counterparts in New Jersey: Governor’s Offices; the respective State Police Heads; the NY-NJ Port Authority, which controls the GWB; the two Mayors; etc?  No one?

2.  Governor Christie immediately fired several top aides and others resigned.  Did he find-out how, and why?  Remember that he is a former Federal Attorney.

3.  The list of New Jersey Mayors who claim that their cities have potentially been effected negatively by the Christie Administration has grown.  Will others come forward?

4.  One or more Mayors of New Jersey cities have been contacted by Federal Officials regarding their claims that relief funds were either denied or delayed after Hurricane Sandy.  It is unclear as to whether those incidents referred to State or Federal funds.  Separately, there have been claims that many New Jersey Business and Home Owners still haven’t received relief aid, from the September 2012 “Super-Storm”.

5.  Federal Agents are also investigating claims that Governor Christie’s Re-Election Campaign diverted Federal Sandy Relief Aid to his Campaign, one which he was expected to win by a l;andslide–which, in fact, was the Election result.

Now all of this, at least so far, may be considered circumstantial; but, it sure is mounting up.  The New Jersey Senate and Assembly have each formed investigatory panels and, no doubt, the U. S. Congress will, as well.  Some 20 subpoenas were reportedly issued in New Jersey.

So, if you long for more Oprah interviews with Lance Armstrong, GOP testimonials about repealing Obamacare, or some other such nonsense, you’ll have to wait.  For now, Chris Christie will remain the Late Night Jab du Jour.


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  1. #1 by cheekos on January 20, 2014 - 4:08 AM

    The Mayor of Hoboken, N. J., Dawn Zimmer, claims that Governor Christie’s aides had held-up post-Sandy relief funding for her flooded city unless she agreed to a project that the Governor wanted. Hoboken is the prime commuter train terminal for tens of thousands of commuters, into Mid-Town and the Wall Street Areas of Manhattan daily. The Hoboken “Tubes” connect Northern New Jersey and NYC with trains that travel under the Hudson River.

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