Once again, Congress is considering the need to extend Long-Term Unemployment Benefits; but, the GOP will only agree if equal cuts can be made elsewhere (generally meaning in Social Safety Net Programs), as an offset, in the Federal Budget. Never mind that there was not a need to implement “Pay-Go”–balancing spending requirements with budget cuts, when (then) President George W. Bush signed the current Extended Unemployment Legislation into Law in 2008.  But, the Republicans NOW want to do the frugal thing.  HMMM…

Increases in Federal Programs, as well as Budget Cuts, usually carry a certain amount of bias and, oftentimes, the decision of where to cut or add becomes a political or ideological football.  Well, our Congress surely hasn’t changed.

The linked article, from Bloomberg, points out the insanity in the completion of a NASA Program, Congress is forcing NASA to complete a $350 Million structure to test rocket engines, at the John C. Stennis Space Center, in Hancock Country, Mississippi.  Now, that might sound like a good idea, at first glance, since most of the required construction has already been completed.  But, that is, until one considers that the rocket program, for which the GenCorp engines were designed, was cancelled back in 2010.

So, Tens of Millions of Dollars are being spent to propel a rocket system that has been obsolete for three or four years. Well, this program’s funding survived thanks to the Mississippi Republican Senators, Roger Wicker and Tad Cochran. The area surrounding the Space Center, had a local Unemployment Rate, in November, was 7.4%, which is lower than Mississippi’s rate of 7.6%, but higher than the 6.6% for the Nation.

In all fairness, only an additional $57 Million will be needed (at least, that was as of last February) to complete the test tower that NASA doesn’t want, and doesn’t even have an expected future need for.  Well, surely there might be a future need for it; however, we probably all have things in our hall closets that might have a future need too.


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