In early December, and with only seven days remaining in the Congressional Calendar for 2013, a House Committee was holding Hearings on the potential for Aliens from Outer Space.  Well, maybe they were onto something.  An article in today’s Washington Post, reports that the semi-official (Iranian) Fars New Agency claims that the U. S. is secretly run by Nazi Space Aliens, http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2014/01/13/iranian-news-agency-says-the-u-s-is-secretly-run-by-nazi-space-aliens-really//?print=1.

The story asserts that the U. S. Government has been secretly run by a “shadow government” of Space Aliens since 1945, out of Nevada.  Fars also claims that the Aliens ran Nazi Germany, as well.  By the way, this is not one of those Andy Borowitz spoofs, since they are generally written only for the New Yorker.

At the end of his story, however, Max Fisher suggests that, as entertaining as the Fars report might be, the fact that some people in the Iranian noise machine might actually believe this nonsense points-out the Insanity that exists in some parts of the World.  But, it is an interesting and funny read.

NOTE: Fars, in the news agency’s title, refers to the official language of Iran, Farsi.


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