Some time ago, I noted that I was going to include some Family Topics–which, I believe, will be composed of issues worth bringing-up, such as:  My Retirement; Estate Plans and Life Insurance for 20/30 somethings with Children; Managing IRAs and Retirement Plans; getting involved in Elderly Parents’ Financial Affairs; and Investing Funds for Children’s and Grandchildren’s Education.  Well, our Grandson was born on February 2 of last year; so, today, he is now eleven months old.


I have attached a picture of Henry, sitting in a cardboard box with his stuffed monkey and bear.  It is my favorite, among the thousands, and thousands (as it seems) of pictures that my Wife and Daughter send back-and-forth.  I had already mentioned, in prior Posts, the fun that our Daughter and Son had, many years ago, when we placed them in a couple of empty table-lamp boxes.

Henry, along with his Mom and Dad, have been spending the Holidays with us, and we will surely hate to see them go.  Just look at the smile on his face.  As Grandparents, we obviously are quite biased and love him to pieces; but, we acknowledge that we aren’t the only ones who feel that way about their Grandchildren.  Right now, we are so, so happy just to have that little smiling face around.

We’ve been able to baby-sit Henry a few times, while our Daughter and her Husband went out.  I kiddingly asked my Wife if she had established a payment schedule for the first night.  She said that it didn’t matter when they returned, because She was paying Them.  Her Christmas present got here when Henry arrived.


  1. #1 by edmundos on January 2, 2014 - 3:04 PM

    what a softie you are, Joe! he is truly a blessing and brings joy to all who see him…as does every baby! enjoy

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