No, I’m not talking about attacking people with machetes. Nowadays, there are other, more refined meanings for the word “hacking”. The linked article, from the San Jose Mercury News, “Computerizing People, the Next Tech Step” suggests some of the possibilities, http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_24776750/computerizing-people-may-be-next-step-tech?IADID=Search-www.mercurynews.com-www.mercurynews.com.

As discussed in the article, numerous strides either have been made in actually computerizing people, or are in the works for final product development. And no doubt, there will be more coming along in the future.

A Seattle Man has devised a system whereby he doesn’t need either a key or a password to enter his car, home or computer: he just waves his hand. There are devices that can be swallowed, implanted in the body or attached to the skin (“smart tattoos”) that could revolutionize the delivery of health care, or to change how people interact with devices or one another. Perhaps, the next step will be a form of artificial “mental telepathy”.

So, with all of this great, new technology, what could go wrong? I think that that’s where the Hackers will come in. Remember that many of the World’s Governments have been constantly hacking into each other’s databases for years, both in search of Information (i.e. Intelligence) or to disable the systems. The same goes for Corporations, as well.

Then, how about crooks intercepting the electronic signals or impulses–from your hand to gain entry to your home, committing murder by changing the codes on the health care miniature devices (nano-tools) that you swallowed, or to record mental telepathic conversations. In fact, such new technology might make today’s identity theft obsolete. I don’t really understand all this; but, I am just surmising–what might be.

Just make sure that if, when the day comes when much of this technology is commonplace, that you don’t have any one company, if any will be needed, providing the external elements for most of such computerized service. A couple of months ago, we had our home telephone landlines, TVs and computers all stop working one Sunday, and they were down for approximately six hours. Think about being locked out of both your home and your car, and having to go door-to-door to find a neighbor’s house to take a leak. Will someone also devise an App for That?



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