Something happened over the Holidays, here in a small South Florida City, which I cannot believe is not occurring in small towns across America. For the sake of the true spirit of the Holidays, the City Commission decided that only the City could erect any Holiday Decorations around the City Hall, and the long tradition of a Nativity Scene being placed at its Fire Station #1 would no longer take place. The Mayor, however, later countermanded those instructions, without consulting the Commission and, of course, the Nativity Scene was once again erected.

Her justification was that Political Correctness didn’t count in a Country where 90% of the Populace celebrate Christmas. Perhaps she confused the Secular/Commercial Christmas, rather than the actual Christian one. Remember that no one really knows when Jesus Christ was born–that is, if he actually even existed. Down in our neck of the Woods, however, there might be a few folks who were really around way back when.

Now, Christmas was originally a Winter Holiday which was established to provide an option to the Winter Solstice Festivities, an Atheist Holiday, that had been in existence long before there was anything akin to Christianity. I’ve been to Christmas Parties held at the home of Jews and, this year, with Hanukah doubling-up with Thanksgiving, they need to have something to keep the Children occupied. They give presents and send cards too.

Personally, I believe that Christmas is just one more Commercial Holiday. That’s why Macy’s, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. had been gradually building-up to it since…the big Back-to-School Sale. I can remember when the stores didn’t even put any Christmas Decorations up until after Thanksgiving. But, now, it’s is basically just one Holiday Sale after another. So, its Happy King-Washington-Paddy’s-Memorial-Fourth-Labor-Columbus-Veterans-Turkey-Hannukah-Kwanza-Christmas-NewYear! I guess that J.C. doesn’t even make the “short list” this year.


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