If you have not invited your Jewish Friends for Christmas Dinner, don ‘t worry that they’ll think that is was a slight or an oversight. You see, they kind of have Their Own Thing that has become an Old Christmas Tradition for Jews. They Do Chinese–and in some cases, the restaurants are booked solid, as noted in a link from last year’s Christmas Blog Post,

No, its not a late-Hanukah Tradition. That was a month ago (this year); but, the Jews are known for always adding just One More Holiday to their Calendar. No, it’s not Christmukah, or a follow-up to Thanksgivukah.

Now, also, don’t worry if you DID invite Jewish Friends: they’ll generally come, sing Christmas Carols (why aren’t they Songs?), bring presents, a bottle of wine or dish, enjoy the Meal and they’ll even join hands to say Grace. Remember that Jews, like everyone else, like to Eat and to Party.

The important thing is to have fun, re-charge for the Year ahead, hopefully spend time with your Family and Friends–whatever the Religion, Race, National Origin, etc.


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