Previously, I had written that State Obstruction to Same-Sex Marriage had become irrelevant, since, earlier this year, the U. S. Supreme Court had shot-down two appeals against it. So, it was left-up to the individual states. With Same-Sex Couples being able to enjoy Income and Estate Tax Benefits, plus Employee Benefits (if any), regardless of which state they were married in, it truly became a moot point.

At the beginning of this week, there were sixteen states, plus the District of Columbia, that had authorized Same-Sex Marriage. A couple of days ago, after a number of counties in Arizona had authorized it, the state Supreme Court made Same-Sex Marriage state-wide.

Well today, after a U. S. District Judge ruled that it is unlawful to deny full Marital Rights to anyone, the Mayor of Salt Lake City, just three miles from the Mormon Tabernacle, performed the first Wedding Ceremony. Surely, our perhaps most conservative state will appeal; but, how long can they swim against the tide.

So, it looks like the Rainbow Flags will be aligning.



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